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Stalin Line, Belarus Minsk Region, WWII


Hello! My name is Christine Sixta Rinehart and I am a professor of Political Science at the University of South Carolina (Palmetto College-Union Campus).  I am the Director of Academic Program Assessment for Palmetto College’s AA/AS degrees so I am based at main campus. I earned my Doctorate of Political Science in 2008 from the University of South Carolina.  My major areas of research are Latin America and Middle Eastern Politics.  I study and publish on maternal health, international security, international terrorism, and counterterrorism (Drones, UAV, and RPA).  I am married to Todd Rinehart and we have been together since 2001.  I have lots of pets including two dogs, four cats, and two guinea pigs.  I have a large garden where I grow everything imaginable and over 50 tea rose bushes on approximately 15 acres of land.  I spend a lot of time outdoors!  I also play coed soccer.  And lastly, I am an artist who frequently displays my oil paintings on canvas and watercolors all over South Carolina.  Although I was originally born and half-raised in Nebraska (and have lived in 5 other states and Spain), I have adopted South Carolina as my home. Go Cocks!

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My Office Phone: (803) 576-7839

Cell: (864) 762-0025

Email: sixta@mailbox.sc.edu

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University of South Carolina

901 Sumter St.

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